Bathroom Water Metal Saving Adaptor Tap Aerator Connector Kitchen Bathroom Faucet Aerator Adapter 16/18/20/22/24/28/mm to 22mm

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SKU: 14:366#Male 22mmX21mm
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Model Number: TKDX18X58

  • Feature 1: Faucet Connector
  • Feature 2: Kitchen Faucet
  • Feature 3: Inside Thread
  • Feature 4: Water Purifier Accessories
  • Feature 5: With washer
  • Feature 6: Faucet Accessories

 High shiny chrome coating keeps scratch and tarnish-resistant for a lifetime of use.

Easy to install with less complicated parts to reduce installation time.
This tap aerator is designed to cut down on unnecessary water consumption from your taps
Saves water and energy, Provides an even water flow
Suitable for home, office, school, public places use
Package Included:
1pcs x Thread Adapter with Gasket