160cm roll to roll Laminator Film Laminating Machine

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Plugs Type
  • Paper Size: 1600mm
  • Model Number: FY-F5-1700
  • Type: Cold Roll Laminator
  • Machine type: Cold roll machine
  • Max laminating thickness: 30mm
  • Silicone roller lifting height: 30mm
  • Max laminating speed: 9m/min
  • Max laminating width: 1600mm
  • Power: 200W
  • Voltage: 110/220v
  • Silicone roller diameter: 120mm
  • Max film diameter: 200mm
  • N.W: 116Kg
  • G.W: 138kg
  • Machine size: 2030*525*1050mm
  • Package size: 1980*570*510mm

Free Shipping 160cm roll to roll Laminator Film Laminating Machine

  • Machine type:Cold roll machine
  • Max laminating thickness:<12mm
  • Silicone roller lifting height:30mm
  • Max laminating speed:9m/min
  • Max laminating width:1600mm
  • Silicone roller diameter:120mm
  • Max film diameter:200mm
  • Power:200W
  • Voltage:110/220v
  • N.W:116Kg
  • G.W:138kg
  • Machine size:2030*525*1050mm
  • Package size:1980*570*510mm


  1. Aggravated silicone roller, no cracking, no deformation, no adhesive.
  2. The maximum laminate thickness is 30MM, suitable for commonly used boards.
  3. One-click operates the height of silicone rollers, balanced pressure with low noise.
  4. Maximum lamination width 1600mm.
  5. Improved thickened paper rod with aluminum plugs at both ends; Durable and sturdy, preventing damage.
  6. Intelligent leakage switch protector.
  7. Electric lifting silicone roller, no air pump.