TOLLENS white interior matte wall and ceiling paint

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TOLLENS white interior matt wall and ceiling paint 5L + 20%

Features and Benefits

    Tollens Matt White wall and ceiling paint will accompany you in all your renovation projects Its easy application and quick drying will save you precious time Designed for all living rooms, it offers a clean and bright matte finish For your brushes!

      Legal Notice

      • Dangerous, respect precautions.

      Tips for use and safety

      Consult the technical data of this product


      MATT INTERIOR WHITE is applied in two coats on prepared bases (wait 4 hours before the second coat). Mix well before use. Load the paint evenly until the roller is soaked without overloading. Ventilate the room during application and drying. Wait 28 days before washing. 1 - Ceilings: Start as close as possible to the source of natural light. Work in successive panels of approximately 1m2, crossing. Pass the last stroke of the roller towards the light. 2 - Walls: Start with the corners and edges with a brush. Apply generously without "working" or "pulling" the paint in strips 50 cm wide over the entire height of the wall and crossing the passes for uniform distribution. As far as possible, do not interrupt on a section of wall to avoid traces of recovery