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Product parameters:

Name: Electric heating film waterproof insulating mortar
Material: made of polymer barrier material
Length: 100cm/200cm/300cm/400cm/500cm
Width: 5CM
Thickness: 1.5MM

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It is suitable for the restoration and waterproofing of power cable insulation and the waterproof insulation and sealing of terminals and intermediate joints, especially the waterproof insulation and sealing of power cable cold shrinkage middle joints; the repair of the outer sheath of overhead cables, and the waterproof insulation treatment of overhead insulated wire joints.
It is also suitable for waterproof and insulating sealing of optical and communication cable connection and communication equipment base station, antenna, feeder and other joints.


1. Excellent self-fusion and strong adhesion;
2. Waterproof and moisture-proof, insulated and sealed;
2. Ultraviolet aging and ozone;
3. Convenient wrapping and good formability;
4. High and low temperature, chemically corrosive.

Link method:

1. Connect the power cord to the link card
2. Half of the link card is inside the electric heating film, and the other side is outside (the copper sheet is double-layered)
3. Vigorously clamp the link card
4. Insulating mud link