Shower Grout Repair Agent Waterproof Tile Refill Grout Filling for Crack Chip Ceramic Restore and Renew Tile Joints home tools

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Tile Grout Repair
Application Materials: Ceramics
Type: Caulk
Dropshipping/Wholesale: Support
Name: Shower Grout Repair
Application: Bathroom, kitchen, and so on
Long-lasting protection: Resistant to high and low temperatures

Shower Grout Repair Agent Waterproof Tile Refill Grout Filling For Crack Chip Ceramic Restore And Renew Tile Joints Home Tools

  1. Revive Your Home: Give your home kitchen a new look by effortlessly covering old cracks, filling holes, and refreshing your showers with our Tile Grout Paint. Make your home feel brand new. 
  2. Longer Lasting Protection: This tile grout paint has good waterproof performance and can withstand cold and high-temperature environments. It is suitable for floor heating. 
  3. Elegant Appearance: Our Tile Grout Paint provides various colors to choose from, giving you the freedom to your home decor. Achieve an elegant and harmonious environment with a shiny gold, white gold or silver finish. 
  4. Glass Safe and Efficient: Say goodbye to messy and time-consuming grout repairs with our Tile Grout Paint. With its smooth and efficient application on glass, cement, and rock surfaces, and ideal adhesion on ceramics. 
  5. Tiles Redefined: Beautify your space with this instant tile grout paint. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and glass-tile rooms, it covers old, dirty, or stained grout. 
  6. Transform your kitchen & any other room with glass with Tile Grout Repair. This versatile color is perfect for repairing cracks & is high-temperature resistant. Give your old tiles a new look today.


Product name: Ceramic tile grout
Specifications: 150ml, 280ml
Color: white, silver, gold
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1*Tile Grout Repair